Security and Ransomware

As highlighted recently in the media, there has been a significant upsurge in Ransomware attacks such as the Cryptolocker, which encrypts the victims’ files, rendering them completely unusable and in some cases demanding a ransom (see more information here).

These attacks are becoming more advanced and it is commonly accepted that it is no longer good enough to rely on single point of failure backups and anti-virus programs. These viruses are capable of bypassing the latest virus definitions and knocking out backup software, as well as scanning the network for backups and corrupting them. We strongly recommend that you get in touch with your IT equipment providers to ensure you have the most up to date protections (periodic backup, off-site copies, cloud solutions, disaster recovery protocols, etc.)

In the event you became victim of such an attack involving CCOS, please contact your IT providers as well as Clinical Computers (02) 9387 7122