Medical Software

Complete medical Practice Management Software

CCOS is Clinical Computers system. Designed, developed, refined, enhanced and supported in Australia since 1978.

Our medical practice management software was designed and refined focusing on the needs of healthcare professionals and the requirements of a medical practice. High performance, flexibility and concentrating on the essentials are the key concepts driving the application.

Performance: extremely responsive, minimises keystrokes and clicks, giving speed which is essential saves times when carrying out repetitive and routine tasks.

Flexible: Every practice is different and our system includes a large number of modules and options to satisfy the needs of our users. We provide customised changes as required.

Essentials: always reliably and seamlessly updated to encompass all the changing demands of government and private funds.

CCOS comes will the following modules:

  • Patients management: demographics, history, referrals
  • Billings: Medicare, Eclipse, DVA. connect to EFTPOS terminal
  • Appointments: highly flexible schedule management
  • Connectivity: My Health Records, clinical documents
  • Accounting: GST, BAS, connection to third-party accounting systems
  • Day Surgery: theater and bed management, compliance, specific billing