Our most complete medical practice management software, CC-ULTIMATE is designed for practices looking for an all-in-one system.

Our medical practice management software was designed and refined focusing on the needs of healthcare professionals and the requirements of a medical practice. High performance, flexibility and concentrating on the essentials are the key concepts driving the application.

Performance: Our software is extremely responsive, minimises keystrokes and clicks, giving speed which is essential saves times when carrying out repetitive and routine tasks.

Flexible: Every practice is different and our system includes a large number of modules and options to satisfy the needs of our users. We provide customised changes as required.

Essentials: Our system is always reliably and seamlessly updated to encompass all the changing demands of government and private funds.

CC-ULTIMATE includes the following modules:


A complete database to record and manage your patients’ details.

  • manage patient details including Medicare, funds details
  • exhaustive workers compensation administration
  • advanced family structure management
  • referring doctors information
  • store complex fee classifications
  • extracting relevant accounting information


Thanks to our Medicare Certification, Clinical Computers offers this comprehensive module that allows practices to manage their medical billings seamlessly and efficiently. It provides a very wide range of functions from producing a quote to tracking outstanding unpaid items.

  • Large array of items (covering consultations & operations)
  • GST management
  • MBS Billing, DVA Billing
  • Medicare Online/Eclipse  HPOS, where all Bulk Bill, DVA, Medicare Patient Claims and Fund billing is sent electronically, with payment being directly deposited to the Provider’s Bank Account.
  • Storing of Fund Schedules (Gap Cover) for easy no-mistake billing
  • can be connected to EFTPOS machines to manage payments


A very powerful and flexible appointments management system for the entire practice. Can be used from all your terminals concurrently. Centralises all the appointments and diary entries in one place, including, if required, non medical entries. Each diary can be preformatted to match individual doctor’s requirements. Boasts a customisable SMS / Email reminder functionality for patients.


The system includes advanced connectivity capabilities:

  • Medicare: connecting to Medicare’s Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS). Doctors can access Medicare services directly, including retrieval of Medicare number, authorisations…
  • Clinical: facility allowing doctors to view, download and print clinical and pathology reports directly via most of the Australian third party providers (Argus…)
  • Documents: Advanced and secure document storage facility for patient history and clinical documents
  • Referrals: can be transmitted electronically directly to the relevant doctor.
  • Export patient data to other third party medical softwares and wordprocessing solutions.

Waiting Room Management

Linked to the Appointments module, real time tracking of multiple waiting rooms and providing alerts and reminders.


Manage all your correspondence with patients, other medical professionals or health fund through the system. You can create and customise letters, envelopes, any kind of reports, produce prescriptions scripts and referral letters, send emails… The module allows practices to produce all Management Information reports they require.


The Accounting module allows practices to produce GST and BAS reports. The module can also generate data to be imported into third party accounting softwares.

Day Surgery

This module, optional with CC-ULTIMATE, enables Day Surgeries to simply and seamlessly comply with their local state regulatory obligations. For more details please click here.