Linking appointments to paperless reports

CCOS can link a patient’s appointment to a report if it is created the same day as the appointment. When the report’s action has been changed the appropriate appointment property will also be changed. This can be done in the Patient’s Paperless or when looking at Unseen reports from the general Paperless menu. Please call for an update to do this.


Backing up your system greatly reduces the risks of losing valuable data. Here are some tips:

Internet security

Are you using a suitable internet security/antivirus system? This should prevent malware problems, but will not help against damage or loss of hardware caused by say the building burning down, or less dramatically malicious action or theft.

Mulitiple off-site data backup or cloud backup with multiple versions

If you do not have multiple versions then infected/damaged files can be backed up and that would be all that you could retrieve. Multiple backups should allow you to go back to before damage/corruption/infection started. Off site backup protects against fire etc.

Restoration plan

You should have a plan of what to do if your system or server fails.

Best to discuss the above with your system provider.

A tip re Medciare Online Patient Claims

If you use Medicare Online Patient Claims don’t forget about the same day delete function. If you bill the wrong patient, forget to put on the payment, use the wrong item number etc. if it is the same day as you have sent the claim, you can try to use the same delete function to remove the claim from the Medicare computer, then fix the problem and resend the claim.

How aware are you of your outstanding debtors?

You must regularly look at the Debtors Balances Summary, and of course chase up the outstanding debtors. We recently found several practices who were not doing this and as a result they had to write off thousands of dollars due to the fact that Medicare will not payout on services over 2 years old. If these debtors had been followed up in a timely manner this would not have been the case. Please call us if we can be of any assistance in this area.