How aware are you of your outstanding debtors?

You must regularly look at the Debtors Balances Summary, and of course chase up the outstanding debtors. We recently found several practices who were not doing this and as a result they had to write off thousands of dollars due to the fact that Medicare will not payout on services over 2 years old. If these debtors had been followed up in a timely manner this would not have been the case. Please call us if we can be of any assistance in this area.

Are credit card tear-off slips legal?

One of our customers was informed by their patient (who works in banking) that is it illegal to ask for credit card details in the mail or you may be liable for a $50,000 fine. The customer spoke to Tyro who looked into it and then confirmed that this is correct. We are not aware of anyone getting fined. If this concerns you and you want your credit card tear-off slip changed, please let us know.

SMS Appointments – SMS Replies

If you use SMS Global for your Appointment reminders via SMS, we can now accept replies by SMS. In other words, Appointments can be Confirmed or Cancelled automatically through CCOS. This function is being actively and successfully used by many of our users. Please call and we can help you set this up.

Our new-look website

We hope you like our new and improved Website – it has a fresher and more modern approach and is easily readable on mobile devices. Our website shows the different medical billing packages that we have developed, for different applications and with different methods of charging. Mostly our programs are used by staff in the doctor’s office, but some doctors also want us to do their billing for them.